PM Abiy says protesting military soldiers wanted him dead

Hiiraan Xog, Ethiopian Prime minister, Abiy Ahmed has said some of the soldiers who entered office last week wanted him dead.

PM Abiy for the first time described the action of hundreds of armed soldiers who marched to his office as the latest attempt to challenge his rule.

“Their motive simply was to abort the reform,” he said of the more than 240 soldiers who entered his office on the pretext of demanding a pay rise.

Abiy, a former soldier, defused the situation by joining the troops in push-ups.

“I was very much irritated at what the [soldiers] did, but did not show it for the sake of soothing the situation,” he said.

The PM pointed out that the move was not aborting the reforms but dangerous to the security

“The march of some members of the army to the National Palace [the prime minister’s office] was not only unlawful but very dangerous,” Mr. Abiy told MPs during a question-and-answer session.

To cope up with the violence, Ahmed said, his government has made direct intervention to quell clashes, took preemptive measures by identifying potential areas and put in place mechanisms for sustainable peace.



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