Police in Baidoa arrest two suspects over grenade attack

Hiiraan Xog, Somali Police in Baidoa town, have arrested two people suspected to be among the group that carried out an attack at the residential house of Bay Women group.

Unknow people on Wednesday night hurled a hand grenade bomb on the house of Ms. Murayo Ibrahim Mader who is the head of a women group operating in Bay region.

The blast injured two people though Ms. Murayo escaped unhurt.

The police officials said the suspects were apprehended  in a security operation hours after the attack

The officials added that the individuals were believed to be among the several people who carried out the attack that has sent shockwaves across the town.

No group has claimed the responsibility for the attack which comes ahead of the first presidential election in Southwest state since its inception.

Presidential elections for South West state will take place November 17 this year.

Dozens of presidential candidates are in Baidoa, which serves as the interim capital of Southwest state.

South West state was formed on November 7, 2014, after several political tussles and agreements.

The current president Sharif Hassan Adan was elected jointly by delegates and elders in 2014 before the Assembly was constituted.

Subsequently, the Assembly passed its first amendment locking out delegates and giving powers to the legislators and clan elders.



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