Kingpins’ of fake foreign cash arrested in Mogadishu

Hiiraan Xog, Fake money printing syndicate has been unearthed and two individuals suspected to have been part of the group were arrested.

In a statement posted on its Twitter account, Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) said the suspects have been running fake currency syndicate in Mogadishu airport.

“The security forces at Adan Adde International Airport uncovered fake money printing syndicate which was involving launching and printing fake dollars. Two individuals have been nabbed and the rest are being pursued,” the agency said.

Investigators from the National Intelligence agency are trying to piece together a case linking a federal lawmaker to a counterfeit currency syndicate saying the federal lawmaker has been helping the syndicate to run their operation.

The agency did not disclose the identity of the lawmaker but said the MP has been facilitating the access of the airport for the criminals.

“(They) used to be helped in the process like entering the airport by a member of federal parliament,” NISA added.



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