Self-organised Locals kill senior al-Shabaab leader in Wanlweyn town

Hiiraan Xog, Four al-Shabaab fighters have been killed, and an unknown number of the group’s militants injured after fierce fighting with self-organized local militiamen.

The fighting which initially broke out on Friday had lasted for long hours until late Saturday night.

According Omar Sheikh Mohamed, the head of the militia, the four killed including senior Zakawat and operations officers.

Reports confirmed that bodies of slain fighters were brought to Wanla-weyn town

Among bodies brought was al-Shabaab’s
Wanla-weyn administrator identified as Sheikh Garguduud.

Mohamed says heavily armed al-Shabaab fighters had stormed Yaq-biriweyne, about 10km from Wanla-weyn town prompting confrontation between the locals and al-Shabaab.

“Al-Shabaab fighters attacked us, heavily flared up and it took for hours to ward off the group. We killed four of them, and the rest fled with heavy casualties,” Mohamed said.

Al-Shabaab has not yet commented on victory claimed by locals in Lower Shabelle region over the group’s fighters.

The group which lost control of Somali capital in 2011 now rules several villages in the countryside.

Al-Shabaab carries out deadly attacks in major towns and cities as well as raiding military bases in southern Somalia.

Somali military backed by continental forces had dislodged the group from Major towns in operation which kicked in 2007 after African Union deployed troops in Somalia.

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