Egypt pledges to back Somali economy

Hiiraan Xog, The Egyptian government said it would support Somalia to rebuild its economy after decades of civil war.

Somalia’s is rising from the ashes as the country’s infrastructures were ruined during the civil war.

Speaking to the Egyptian media, the foreign minister of the north African country, Sameh Shoukry said his country would continue to back the Somali economy and push development in the Horn of Africa country

“Somalia’s security is an essential part of Egypt’s national security and Egypt is committed helping Somalia enhancing its economy,” he said.

He stated that a meeting of Egyptian and Somali businessmen is being planned to bolster trade and investment cooperation between Egypt and Somalia.

“Both countries plan to work on improving their trade relations, the entrepreneurs from will come together to discuss the way forward and ways to enhance their trade relations,” he noted.

The two countries signed on March 1 a memorandum of understanding on security cooperation, a document that allows for concentrated security coordination between Cairo and Mogadishu.

During a meeting in Cairo with Somali Internal Security Minister Abukar Islow Duale, Egyptian Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq said increased intelligence cooperation between the two countries would weaken terrorist groups in both territories.

Egypt and Somalia are strengthening security coordination because of what they deem are common threats.

Egypt also said it would share counterterrorism expertise with Somalia, train security personnel and exchange intelligence with Somali officials.

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