Museveni faces social media fury from Somalis over Somalia’s instability

Hiiraan Xog, Thousands of Somali netizens have reacted to the remarks of Ugandan leader, Yoweri Museveni on Somalia’s stability.

According to Africa news, an online portal, Museveni who spoke on Monday at an annual judge’s conference in the capital, Kampala made the remarks which have attracted the ire of Somalis online.

The Ugandan leader during his remarks went into drawing distinctions between the words: state, nation and country.

He said Somalia was one example of the country without the state but stopped at naming other countries “for diplomatic reasons”.

“I take this occasion to remind the conference about the state, what is the state? The state is different from the country; it’s different from the nation. Country means the land where you have authority over, and nation means people with a common origin,” he said.

“State means organised authority over the country. You can, therefore, have a country without a state. I’m going to going to give you examples where there is a country, but there is no state.

“There is no organised authority over that land, Somalia is one example, there are quite a number of example (but) for diplomatic reasons I don’t want to mention them,” he said.

Majority of Somalis had been narrating Somalia’s role to stabilize the region in the 1970s.

According to dozens of posted tweets, the agreement known as the Mogadishu Accord signed on October 5, 1972, between Uganda and Tanzania following talks facilitated by former Somali President Mohamed Siyad Barre.

Among those reacted the remarks is Bile Abdisalam: “The comments of a frail old dictator cannot harm Somalia or deter the progress made. The reality is that Somalia is a democratic, recovering state, not a dictatorship.”

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