Somali military court sentences an army officer to death for murder

Hiiraan Xog, Somali military court has sentenced an army officer to the death penalty after he was found guilty of intentionally killing a civilian identified as Dayah Iman Hassan on 21st October last year near Seybiyano locality in Hodan district, Mogadishu on Saturday.

The judge of the court, col. Hassan Ali Nuur Shute said the decision of the court was based on the evidence provided by the witnesses before the court and thus the accused was sentenced to death.

“After seeing the medical report that proved the main cause of the deceased death and the evidence provided by five witnesses who were on aboard the vehicle of the accused, the court has sentenced Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed to death for killing the late Dayah Iman Hassan, ” said the judge.

The court also said that the convict could seek an appeal if not satisfied with the verdict.

The deceased Dayah Iman Hassan reportedly graduated from Plasma university in Mogadishu before his death.

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