Deputy Chairperson of Somali election commission dismissed

Hiiraan Xog, Somali National Independence Electoral Commission has dismissed the body’s deputy chairman over misconduct.

Sayid Ali Mohamed who has been serving the agency for years was accused of violating the body’s by-laws.

In a letter signed by six members of the commission, Mohamed was accused to have committed violations against the standing orders of the commission.

According to the letter, Mohamed was also removed from the membership of the commission.

The agency did not specify the violations and the misconduct allegedly committed by the dismissed official.

The dismissed official has not yet commented on the sacking.

Independent Electoral Commission is tasked to prepare the country for embracing general election that every Somali citizen can vote in 2020.

The commission has so far registered over twenty political parties seeking to participate in next year’s election.

Formation of a political party is part of a long-term initiative of shifting the country from the clan-based system which was used to form the current government.

Last year, the National Independent Electoral Commission tabled its one-year-long research on the suitable modality, but the leaders of the country have yet agreed on suitable modality.

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