Somalia and Turkey discuss strengthening defence cooperation

Hiiraan Xog, Somalia and Turkey discuss strengthening defence cooperation
Somalia’s Defence Minister, Hassan Mohamed Ali met a delegation from the Republic of Turkey on Tuesday.

The Ankara’s delegation from the ministry of defence discussed with their counterparts in Mogadishu on how to strengthen already existing strong defence support during a meeting held at Somali defence ministry headquarters in Mogadishu.

“We discussed how to increase training provided to the commanders and deputy commanders of Somali armed forces by our Turkish brothers, ” the minister said.

Turkish officials also briefed the federal government of Somalia about special Somali military unit in Istanbul who are undergoing training saying they are impressed with the students.

“Turkish officials briefed us about military officers undergoing special training in Istanbul,” the minister said.

“These people are our bright future as far as the rebuilding of the armed forces is concerned.”

Turkey opened a military base in Mogadishu in 2017 to train Somali armed forces in an effort to help rebuild and equip sector that was affected by decades of civil war.

Ankara also airlifted senior officials from Somali military for specialised training in Istanbul.

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