Somali FM Welcomes New Turkish Ambassador

Hiiraan Xog, The foreign affairs minister of the federal government of Somalia has on Wednesday welcomed the newly appointed Turkish ambassador to Mogadishu.

Ambassador Mehmet Yilmaz presented his credentials letter to the foreign minister Ahmed Isse Awad in headquarters of Somali foreign affairs ministry in the capital city, Mogadishu.

Awad congratulated ambassador Yilmaz on his new diplomatic assignment in the country while praising the growing historic diplomatic relations between Ankara and Mogadishu.

He added that his office is looking forward to strengthen already existing strong diplomatic ties between the two brotherly nations.

On his part ambassador Mehmet Yilmaz pledged to focus more on strengthening the bilateral relations by working towards the mutual interests of the two states and its people.

The new envoy will replace former ambassador Oglan Bekar whose diplomatic services came to an end last month.

Somalia and Turkey enjoy very close strong diplomatic, economic and defense relations since the high profile visit of then Prime Minister who is the current President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan on august 2011.

Since then Ankara plays key role in infrastructural development as well as the rebuilding of Somalia’s armed forces.

It has opened the biggest military academy in of Mogadishu year ago to train and equip Somali military.

Its international cooperation agency TIKA is also involved in the rebuilding of Somali national assembly apart from the humanitarian activities.



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