President Farmajo holds meeting with Commander of United States Africa Command

Hiiraan Xog, U.S. Marine Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser, commander of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), met with senior government officials during a visit to Somalia on Nov. 27, 2018.

During the visit, the commander held meeting with the President of federal republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and senior Somali defense officials.

“AFRICOM and the U.S. government support the Federal Government of Somalia, the people of Somalia, and the African Union and its mission to Somalia in their efforts to achieve sustained progress in governance, development and security,” said Waldhauser.

The commander highly praised the achievement of federal government as tangible progress towards prosperity.

“I’m proud of the strong relationship we have established with President Farmaajo and his government,” said Waldhauser.  “President Farmaajo and his administration have made measurable progress and it’s clear they are dedicated to reaching the goal of a safe, stable and prosperous Somalia.” Said Gen. Thomas

U.S. foreign policy objectives in Somalia are to promote political and economic stability, prevent the use of Somalia as a safe haven for international terrorism, and alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by years of conflict, drought, flooding, and poor governance.  The U.S. is committed to helping Somalia’s government strengthen democratic institutions, improve stability and security, and deliver services for the Somali people.

US mission through its personnel support Somali with training and facilities and give advice to the on issues of army rebuilding and the fight against terror groups in the country.

The US fighter jets carry out regular airstrikes in Al-shabab hideouts and training grounds in South-Central Somalia to degrade the treats of the group to government and the lovcal people of Somalia.

“It is imperative to understand that everything we do in Somalia is at the request of the Federal Government of Somalia and part of our military support to public diplomacy efforts of the State Department,” said Waldhauser. “AFRICOM and the Department of State are working as part of a substantial international security assistance effort in support of our Somali partners.”

Prior to meeting with President Farmaajo, Waldhauser met with U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto.  Yamamoto is one of the highest-level U.S. ambassadors on the African continent, a symbol of the significance the U.S. places on its relationships with the people and government of Somalia.

The two interagency leaders discussed the progress the Somali government has achieved in terms of improving stability, strengthening democratic institutions, and delivering results.

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