Ethiopia swears in first female Supreme Court chief

Hiiraan Xog, Ethiopian lawmakers have today approved the appointment of  Ms Meaza Ashenafi as the country’s first woman president of the Supreme Court.

Ms Ashenafi, who is the founder of the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association was appointed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

In presenting her to Parliament, Abiy said she would improve the court’s ability to implement reform in the country and the demands of justice and democracy.

“I have made the nomination with the firm belief that she has the capacity required, with her vast international experience in mind,” he said, according to Reuters. The Parliament approved the nomination unanimously

The new president of the Supreme Court was sworn in at the parliament in Addis Ababa.

Ashenafi, 54, served as a judge and more recently also worked as founder and board chairman of Enat Bank.

Under Ethiopia’s constitution, the court system operates independent of government.

After obtaining her first degree from the Addis Ababa University, Ms Ashenafi proceeded to the US, where she received her masters in international relations from Kent University, according to her biography.



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