President Waare Handed Over Vehicles for Police Hirshabelle

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Hiiraan Xog, Oct 13, 2017:- The State Hirshabelle Dr Mohamed Waare today Chief in Jen C / acknowledged on Friday polyester takes cars designed to work with the Police State Hirshabelle, television as part of the traffic Police Chief in his advice be transferred into the state in the country.


Ceremony at the Training School Jen worked in the president’s State of Hirshabelle Dr Mohamed Waare the key television and 6 pre-modern vehicles. The event was accompanied by the Vice-President, Ali Hussein Ali Guudlaawe members of both Houses of the State, Chief Hirshabelle COR Hassan rampant Somali police and military.


Chief government Jen C / sites on Friday, Prime Minister and was told that the cars are recommended to work with the Police Hirshabelle for qidmeeyo community, perhaps they like to give authorities, he said Friends initially received international assistance be given to Somalia, which has always been committed to be embedded in the support they receive in the delivery of governors.


State President Dr Mohamed Hirshabelle Waare for his part thanked the transport provided by the State, he said that for the safety of the Somali community qidmeyn will wait and work on security.


Other State Hirshabelle Dr Mohamed Waare arrived in Mogadishu after a visit last year, he was in the city, where he attended the Heads of State, and the President and the delegation led by the international airport of Aden Ade welcomed Vice President State Hirshabelle Guudlaawe Mr. Hussein and members of both Houses of the Parliament of the Republic of the upper House, and other officials.


President Waare with authorities in all three United Nations agencies, Friends of Somalia, and the Somali Federal Government.




Office of Information and Public Relations of the State Government Hirshabeelle

Media & Public Relations Directorate Of Office Of The State Of Somalia President Hirshabeelle 


Shabakada Hiiraan Xog

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