Prince Al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle region. Mohammed Abu-Abdallah

Hiiraan Xog

Prince Al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle region. Mohammed Abu-Abdallah said in a speech on Al-Qaeda and the people who live in areas under their control to protect the unity, adding that it will take everyone tries to group, Al-Shabab divide.

Hiiraan Xog

Sh. Abu Abdullah’s keynote speech at the opening session of the religious summit region / Lower; The result will be that looga unity and protect connections with Al-Qaeda.

Anyone who violations unity or to al-Qaeda in the crowd to open a finger … I swear we will resist. This is a clear al-Shabab’s. Unity and today is a war flag, only really have a leader, and everyone wants to jabiyana do not, “said Abu Abdallah, the words added oath.

Also, Abu-Abdallah said that the mujahideen in Somalia Al-Shabab, they are recorded and never allow to divide, work will be resolved in a variety of flags.

Today, those in vulnerable and say I think I belong somewhere else, where you belong – I carry my flag, and so on will not be accepted. Our commitment is, and here we were going to achieve our goals leennahayna is clear Islamic countries, we are going, and that time will have: When I called the flag I carry or groups I belong to, are not able to work in this country, he followed the Sheikh Mohamed Abu-C / ability.

He added he also said that it will divert before everyone challenges row mujahideen, and wants to break al-Qaeda, he will not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, Sh. Abu Abdallah Al-Qaeda urged to maintain the unity of the line or Al-Qaeda, and that the goal is to combat the over-lasting truth, and urged them to avoid division and disunity.

Finally, insurgency. Mohamed Abu Abdalla comes weeks after Al-Shabab spokesman, Sheikh. Group spokesman said that those who attempt to break the al-Shabab hands will.


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